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Hi Andrei,

Ok next issue is my headers and footers are not printing and the default text size is not being picked up. I have changed the MyPDf.php and PdfFactory.php as per what we have as live at the moment and no errors.

I have changed the PDFvendor->library->interpid->PdfLib->table.config.php file (as per last time - and have set the font size in the ROW section but it's not picking it up.

Looking at the wiki I see this location is set in PDF_TABLE_CONFIG_PATH - But I don't know which module this path setting is in ?

I'm assuming this table setting will cure all the above issues !

I attach a page from our test system with the issues re border, font and lack of header. I also enclose a live page which is running the old interpid release 5.4.4 and what we need.



table.config.jpg View table.config.jpg 201 KB table.config.php Jerry Quinnell, 02/02/2021 02:32 PM
Test Page.jpg View Test Page.jpg 99.8 KB Test Page - no header, blue border and small text Jerry Quinnell, 02/02/2021 02:34 PM
Live Page.jpg View Live Page.jpg 72.8 KB Live Page - Header, black border and 10 font Jerry Quinnell, 02/02/2021 02:34 PM
Screenshot_62.png View Screenshot_62.png 71.4 KB Andrei Bintintan, 02/02/2021 09:34 PM
Screenshot_63.png View Screenshot_63.png 298 KB Andrei Bintintan, 02/02/2021 09:36 PM

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Updated by Andrei Bintintan over 2 years ago

In the Provided examples PDF_TABLE_CONFIG_PATH is defined in autoload.php and points to \examples folder. Screenshot attached. CHECK this as this might be your issue.

IF it's not defined then the Table class defines it to be in the same path as the Table.class.
The table expect in this defined path to find table.config.php file with the table defines in it.

Now, it depends on your implementation where PDF_TABLE_CONFIG_PATH is pointing. You can check that very easy with a var_dump(PDF_TABLE_CONFIG_PATH) or something similar.

If headers and footers are missing, there is something wrong with your setup.

Are the examples working correctly on your side? They are a very good starting point, as it's very difficult like this to tell you what's going wrong.

I hope it helps a bit.

PS: I might refactor this part of the table, as it's a but suboptimal.


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Updated by Jerry Quinnell over 2 years ago

Perfect - that's found it - there are two table.config.php files in your libraries - So I have now changed the correct one - this has given me correct font sizes and colors now.

Regarding the headers and footers - The SetStyle parameter sequence has changed in two places - in 5.4.4 it was SetStyle(tag, family, style, size, color). In 6.2 it is now SetStyle(tag, size, style, color, family) - I had spotted family moving but not the swap of size and style.

So I'm all working now - thanks again for your help Andrei.


Updated by Andrei Bintintan over 2 years ago

You're very welcome!

I will review this config part and try to make it a bit more transparent / simple.


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