Pdf Advanced Table Roadmap/Changelog

This roadmap applies for:
  • Fpdf Advanced Table
  • Fpdf Advanced Table Utf8
  • Tcpdf Advanced Table

3.5.1 2017.08.29

5.3.1 2016.12.20

5.3.0 2016.09.12

5.2.0 2015.08.23

  • Affected addons: TCPDF Addons

5.1.0 2014.08.23

  • Affected addons: All

5.0.1 2013.11.20

  • Affected addons:
    • Fpdf Advanced Table Utf8
    • Tcpdf Advanced Table

5.0.0 2013.11.11

  • Task, Transparent tables, Closed
  • Task, Images support for tables, Closed
  • for a better overview we'll use the same versions for all Advanced Table.
  • major concept refactoring of the table cells. Table cells are now objects. With the next release(5.1.0) we plan to provide you a table cell interface, with which you can write your own table cells.
  • Backward compatibility(Version 4.*.*)
    • The Advanced Table class is renamed to: PdfTable for all Pdf Addons.

4.2.0 2012.10.12

  • code refactoring, structure changes, more examples

4.1.0 2012.09.14

  • Version update due to multicell version changes.
  • update of the licence agreement

4.0.5 2012.08.02

  • Bugfix - errors displayed and wrong table alignment in case the table was started and it's not enough space on the current page.

4.0.4 2012.05.21

  • Version update due to multicell version changes.

4.0.3 2012.03.12

  • Bugfix(#283) - Empty content generated(multiple pdf documents)

Older entries

  • the column WIDTH will not be specified in the HEADER anymore, user $oTable->setColumnsWidths or $oTable->setColumnWidth functions
  • Added padding support for every cell. PADDING_TOP|PADDING_LEFT|PADDING_RIGHT|PADDING_BOTTOM
  • added support for ROWSPAN
  • changed the class functions/variables for PHP5
  • corrected a bug for empty cell texts
  • corrected a bug for cell lines aligment error on new page
  • added support for cell splitting if new page ocuurs. FPDF_TABLE::tbSetSplitMode(true/false)
    sets the splitting mode.
    true = normal mode, the cell is splitted where the split ocuurs.
    false = if splitting is required then the cell is drawed on the new page. If the cell
    Height is bigger then the page height then the cell will be splitted.
  • if the header does not have enough space for double it's Height then a new page ocuurs.