TCPDF Advanced Multicell Upgrade Guide


With the release of version 3.0.0 there are some functional changes to the Advanced Multicell class.

Multicell setStyle function

With the implementation of Style Inheritance(#1931)
the $multicell->setStyle method arguments changed it's order.

    //new implementation
    public function setStyle($tag, $fontSize = null, $fontStyle = null, $color = null, $fontFamily = null, $inherit = 'default'){

    //old implementation
    public function setStyle($tagName, $fontFamily, $fontStyle, $fontSize, $color){

Backward compatibility

The $multicell->setStyleDep method is provided for backward compatibility with the old setStyle method, so in order
to keep the "old" version, please rename all your ->setStyle to ->setStyleDep.

//from version 3.0.0
$multicell->setStyle('p', 11, '', '130,0,30', 'helvetica');
$multicell->setStyle('b', 11, 'B', '130,0,30', 'helvetica');
$multicell->setStyle('i', 11, 'I', '80,80,260', 'helvetica');

//backward compatibility
$multicell->setStyleDep("p", 'helvetica', "", 11, "130,0,30");
$multicell->setStyleDep("b", 'helvetica', "B", 11, "130,0,30");
$multicell->setStyleDep("i", 'helvetica', "I", 11, "80,80,260");

Subscripts and superscripts

The ypos sub-superscript parameter is deprecated. Use y instead. ypos is still available; it can be removed in
future releases.